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Mrs. Karen Mumpower

  • Dear Parents:

    I have included some links to speech and language websites that are helpful for home practice activities. Please see the Interesting Web Resources tab. There are monthly calendars with suggested daily speech and language activities posted in the Speech Sound Pages tab. Speech kids, try the goal tracking sheet posted in the Speech Sound Pages tab to help you stay on target!

    I have lots of materials available that I will be more than happy to provide to you. You may contact me at and I will provide you with some practice specifically for your child.  

    Please let me know if I can help you in any way! Thank you for your support at home.

    Karen E. Mumpower MS, CCC-SLP


    Speech Activities:

    • I encourage all of my K-8 speech students to spend a few minutes each day practicing their target sound!
      • read a few sentences out loud to an adult helper
      • pick a room in your house to describe
      • google words online that have your sound and practice them out loud with an adult helper
      • do any of the below activities, paying attention to producing good speech sounds

    Language Activities:

    • Read together or watch a video of a celebrity reading a book. Ask your child questions, have your child retell the story to you. Help your child make real world connections to the book.
    • Do craft or cooking activities to help with following directions.
    • Go on scavenger hunts around your house and discuss the items found to help your child build describing skills and vocabulary.
    • Go on virtual field trips and discuss what you saw and learned.
    • Play games like:
      • Apples to Apples
      • Headbandz
      • Guess Who
      • Scattergories


    The best way to help your child with speech and language skills is to talk with them about daily experiences and to read to them or with them each day. Give lots of positive praise. Short, 5 minute activities keep kids engaged while still providing opportunities.

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