Welcome to In-School Suspension

Although In-School Suspension, also known as ISS, is designed to minimize the need for Out-of-School Suspensions while providing constructive and positive learning experiences for students, it is not meant to be torturous.

This website has been created to share information about ISS, what expectations  the ISS teacher and the DCHS administration have for the students assigned ISS, documents students may need, answer common questions, etc.


 Students will be assigned to In-School Suspension for good and sufficient reasons including, but not limited to:

(Authorized by WCBE Policy 6.300, 6.301, 6.306, 6.316; TCA 49-6-3401)

1. Students will be assigned to In-School Suspension and/or Detention for good and sufficient reasons including, but not limited to:

a. Behavior which adversely affects the safety and well being of other students;

b. Behavior which disrupts a class or school sponsored activity; or

c. Behavior prejudicial to good order, discipline, and safety occurring in class or school sponsored activities.

2. ISS or Detention teachers will see that each student is supervised at all times and has textbooks and assignments from his/her regular teachers. Students given ISS or Detention are required to attend the number of day’s assigned and complete academic assignments and shall receive credit for work completed.

3. Students (otherwise eligible for ISS) will be assigned to Alternative School for reasons including, but not limited to:

a. Refusal to report to ISS/Detention (insubordination)

b. Accumulation of 10 days or more assignment to ISS/Detention during a school year (constant discipline problem)

c. Repetition of a violation warranting three days or more ISS assignment (chronic discipline problem)

d. Insubordination or disruption while serving an ISS/Detention assignment (conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline)

4. All teachers should cooperate with ISS/Detention teachers and provide adequate lessons for their students assigned to ISS/Detention. Lessons will be graded and recorded for each student.

5. All personnel are advised that ISS/Detention serves a valuable need and requires the active cooperation of all personnel.

 Please remember --

 If you have accumulated 5 days of tardies to school you will receive 1 day of ISS.

If you have accumulated 10 days of tardies to school you will receive 3 days of ISS.

Tardies to classes will not count towards tardies to school; however, if you have too many tardies to class you will receive a day or more of ISS.