Nutrition and Foods

Course Description

Nutrition and Foods is a specialized course designed to help

students understand the nutrient value, appetite appeal, social significance and

cultural aspects of food.  Students will examine the role of nutrition in the prevention

of health conditions, such as obesity, and the promotion of optimal body performance

throughout the life span. The course offers students opportunities to develop skills in

the safe and sanitary selection, preparation, storing, and serving of food; meal

management to meet individual and family nutrition needs across the life span; and

optimal use of food resources. Instruction includes academic integration and

technology applications. Careers in nutrition and food industries will be explored.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), the co­curricular student

organization, provides students with opportunities for leadership development,

personal growth and school/community involvement.

Recommended Pre­Requisite(s): Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) or

Personal, Academic and Career Excellence (PACE)

and Child and Life Span Development