I teach to make a difference.

I teach to make a positive impact in each student whom I have contact.

I teach, so as, each student will have at least one person tell them of their importance.

I believe a student with self worth has endless limits on what they can become and all they can accomplish.

 I believe each student needs to be treated in a holistic manner.

I believe each student should be treated as a unique and special individual who has the potential to do and become anything they want, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

 I believe each student should be treated equally and with respect. I believe a safe and comfortable learning environment is imperative to learning.

 I will provide a caring, safe and equitable environment where each student can grow and reach their potential.

Furthermore, I believe each student's uniqueness and learning style needs to be incorporated into my classroom. I will teach to the needs of each student, so that all learners feel capable and successful.

 I will present curriculum that involves the interest of the children and makes learning relevant to life.

I will incorporate themes, integrated units, projects and hands on learning in order to make students active learners.

 I will incorporate technology into my classroom, so as, to develop a positive attitude toward techology and encourage use during their school years ,as well as, their professional years.

I desire for each student to open their minds and their hearts to the diversity of the world.

In addition, I desire for each student to become caring and active members of society.

I teach to make a difference.