Family and Consumer Science (FACS)

Standard 1.0 Demonstrate citizenship, leadership and teamwork skills needed for success in the family, workplace and community.

Standard 2.0 Evaluate factors that impact individual growth and development in areas related to selfunderstanding, personal decision making, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

Standard 3.0 Analyze the importance of the family unit, including parenting

roles and responsibilities, on the development of individuals and the stability of society.

Standard 4.0 Integrate knowledge, skills, and practices required for
management of human, economic, and environmental resources in
the family, workplace, and community.
Standard 5.0 Apply nutrition and food principles that enhance individual and
family wellbeing across the life span.
Standard 6.0 Apply knowledge, skills and practices required for a safe and
pleasing living environment.
Standard 7.0 Illustrate knowledge, skills, and techniques in textile and apparel choices and care.

Standard 8.0 Analyze career opportunities and examine employability skills and traits in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Standard 9.0 Integrate basic academic and technology skills for success inschool, family, career and community settings.