Child and Lifespan Development Standards

Standard 1.0 Demonstrate leadership, citizenship and teamwork skills required for success in the care and guidance of individuals throughout the lifespan.

Standard 2.0 Appraise developmental theories and sources of information.

Standard 3.0 Examine the major developmental milestones in the area of physical development during the prenatal period.

Standard 4.0 Analyze optional growth and development during the infant and toddler stage.

Standard 5.0 Analyze growth and development during preschool years.

Standard 6.0 Analyze growth and development during middle childhood.

Standard 7.0 Analyze growth and development during adolescence.

Standard 8.0 Determine career options related to meeting individual’s needs throughout the lifespan.

Standard 9.0 Analyze development during adulthood.

Standard 10.0 Evaluate theories and effects of death and dying on individuals and families.