1. Go to the CILC web site and click on the yellow box that says "Content Provider Programs". The following link will take you to the site. http://www.cilc.org

2. Search for programs that support your curriculum area. Use keywords that relate to the topic in which you are interested. Leave the "content provider" box set to "all content providers". This will give you the greatest number of results. You do not need a pin number to search the database.

3. The keyword search "zoo" has 145 program results. The first program listed is Zoo Conservation by the St. Louis Zoo. The words "Zoo Conservation" are a hyperlink to the program overview page. You would click "Zoo Conservation" to view details concerning this virtual field trip. 

4. The program flyer gives you all the information you need to decide if the field trip is appropriate for your students and meets your curriculum needs. At the bottom of each program flyer there is a "Request This Program Now" section. 

5. Click "Forward this Program Flyer". 

6. A form will appear. Fill out the form as shown below using your personal contact information and hit the submit button.

SchoolCenter Picture


It's that simple. You will be contacted when the virtual field trip is secured.