Get School Closings Sent
to Your Cell Phone or Email 
You must have text messaging service set up
to receive these messages on your phone.

Washington County Schools is using this system to notify subscribers in case of an emergency or schedule change via text message to their cell phone, email, or both. If you would like a text message sent to your phone, you will need to enter your cell phone number and your cell phone provider info in this fashion: 4235551234@providername . You will need to look up your exact provider name below:







Virgin Mobile:





Example: So lets say that your cell phone number is 423-555-1234 and your company is Nextel. You will enter

  • Do not enter a 1 at the beginning:
  • Do not put dashes in the phone number:
  • Do not make up the provider name but use the ones from the list:
  • Do not use all caps: 4235551234@MESSAGING.NEXTEL.COM
  • Watch yourself for typos (Verizon is easy to type wrong!)
  • Phone numbers not entered correctly will not work

Now, go to the county's homepage and click the "Subscribe" Icon  (looks like an envelope) at the bottom of the homepage and enter your cell phone address as mentioned above or your email address, then click "Submit". Repeat this step to enter an additional address.

To Unsubscribe: Click the "Subscribe" Icon (looks like an envelope) at the bottom of this page. Click the "Unsubscribe from Page" button and enter your cell phone address or email address. You will be automatically removed from the list. Repeat this step to remove additional addresses.

For help, email