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Here are some good suggestion where you can practice your vocabulary, research grammar and expand on your Spanish culture.

BBC Noticias Mundo
In this website you will find in news in Spanish about Latin America, Spain and other countries, It is perfect to stay up to date in your current events.
We will be using this website very often for practice and quizzes. At the beginning of the semester you will be assigned a username and password.
El Mundo de Mafalda
El Mundo de Mafalda is the perfect site for you to enjoy Spanish comics strips and learn the Latino sense of humor.
Mi Vida Loca
Mi Vida Loca is an interactive video drama and mystery series that will help you practice your listening skills in Spanish. You can complete the activities at your own pace and expand your vocabulary. This is a perfect website for Spanish beginners!
Notes in Spanish
In this link you will be able to get some extra listening practice and learn some native expressions.
Quia games
Quia offers different games to practice basic concepts and vocabulary in Spanish.
Revista People en EspaƱol
This website is the Latino version of People Magazine.
This is a good website for grammar research and practice. It is organized by grammar themes.
Woodward Spanish
This website will help you with grammar and vocabulary practice. The first section contains our Spanish Grammar rules explained in English. The second section contains our Spanish Grammar notes explained in Spanish.