Dear Parents and Students,

You will find the syllabus in the file below. Please read it in its entirety, it has useful information regarding the course.

Parental Involvement:

Positive parental involvement is a major contribution to student success in Spanish. You don't have to know Spanish yourself to be able to help your child. Just help them review the vocabulary and grammar charts while at home, in the car, or anytime. Do not feel intimidated by the pronunciation, because your child can access vocabulary audio files that will teach how to pronounce the words. Let this be an opportunity for the whole family to learn Spanish!


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In order to master a language, you should be able to understand the vocabualry learned. Did you know that research shows that to be able to remember a new word, you should see it or listen to it at least 16 times. Use the audio files to help you study the vocabulary.Did you know that you need to see or hear a word at least 16 times before you can remember it? Keep this in mind and print the vocabulary list by units and listen to the corresponding audio file. You are working at your own pace and make sure to practice your pronunciation.