Nutrition and Foods

Course Standards and Expectations

Standard 1.0 Demonstrate leadership, citizenship and teamwork skills required

for success in the family, workplace and community

Standard 2.0 Analyze factors that influence nutrition and food practices in a



Standard 3.0 Evaluate the nutritional needs of individuals and families in

relation to health and wellness across the life span.

Standard 4.0 Demonstrate safety and sanitation procedures when handling,

preparing, storing and serving food.

Standard 5.0 Demonstrate ability to select, prepare and serve nutritious and

aesthetically pleasing foods.

Standard 6.0 Explore career opportunities and preparation requirements for

careers in the nutrition and food industries.

Standard 7.0 Apply consumer practices in the selection of food to meet

nutritional needs and equipment used in food preparation.

Standard 8.0 Research and evaluate ethnic and foreign foods.

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