Classroom Rules

Be Respectful ...of the teacher, of each other, and of other's property.  Keep all hands, legs, and other body parts to yourself.

Be Responsible .  Bring all materials to class.  Be on time. 

Be Honest .  Always tell the truth.  Do your own work.

Policies and Procedures set out by the Washington County Schools Handbook will be in effect at all times.

Classroom Procedures


ØPencils are sharpened before the beginning of class.

ØRestroom visits are made between classes.

ØBooks/backpacks/bags are to be placed under the desk.

ØListen while the teacher is teaching.

ØStay in your seat while the teacher is teaching.

ØNo eating, drinking, or gum is allowed.  Plain water only (not flavored water) in clear container is allowed.

ØCell phones are kept off and out of sight.

ØAll work is shown on paper.

ØNo talking during exam/quiz/checkups until all papers have been turned in.

ØAll personal hygiene is to be taken care of before class.

ØClass is dismissed when the teacher says the class is dismissed.

ØThrowing or tossing of any type of object will result in an automatic referral.


Possible Consequences


  • Writing assignment
  • Call to parents
  • Office referral


Possible Rewards


  • A good class environment resulting in better grades overall
  • Student success
  • Phone call home

What to bring to class


Writing utensil

Math Notebook with paper

A POSITIVE attitude


On exam/checkup day, you may bring appropriate reading material or study material from another class.

When class begins

Class begins when the bell stops ringing.  Anyone coming through the door after the bell has stopped will be considered tardy.   Every three tardies will result in a referral to the ofice.


Grading Policy


Grades are an important element of the learning process.  The grading policy for this class is presented below.

A = 93 - 100

B = 85 - 92

C = 75 - 84

D = 70 - 74

F = below 70

For Career Exploration and Statistics, grades will be determined using the points system (total points achieved/total points allowed).

For Bridge Math, grades will be weighted as follows: Tests 75%, Quizzes 15%, Homework 10%. Students must receive a 90% on homework, 80% on quizzes, 85% on test reviews, 75% on tests, 100% on test intervention assignment.

Exams and checkups (quizzes) will be made up before or after school.  It is the responsibility of the student to make up missed work and schedule a day to make up the test/check-up.


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